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Dr. Terrence Autry - January 7, 2018

The Formula of A Circle Maker

The Circle Maker

Believe it or not, there is one simple formula to prayer. If you use this formula, your prayer results will really surprise you.

Scripture References: Joshua 6:1-2

From Series: "The Circle Maker"

This series is based on the book, The Circle Maker, by Mark Batterson, which teaches about effective prayer. The Batterson’s prayer model is based on the story of a man named Honi, who lived about 100 years before the time of Christ. Honi lived in an agrarian society, where the community was dependent upon rain for their crops. The community was in a terrible drought with no end in sight. Honi, the community sage, walked to the center of town and drew about a 4 feet circle with his staff. Then he stepped into the circle and essentially prayed, “Lord, I am not moving from this circle until you rain down your blessing.” Not only did God send rain, but he flooded the town and fields, providing enough rain to save the crops for the year. Thus, “Circle-making prayer” comes from the idea that like Honi, we likewise, can believe God with a similar approach to prayer. This series will teach you invaluable principles about how Circle-making prayer works for your life. For a video on Honi, see the following link .

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