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Dr. Terrence Autry - January 28, 2018

This is us, Part I

This is Us

In this sermon, learn how God moves us to the next level, individually and collectively as His people. 

From Series: "This is Us"

This series is based on the popular TV drama, This is us, which tells the story of the lives of 3 adult siblings, who happened to be triplets in an unusual way. One of the triplets is black, whose birth occurred on the same day as the triplet’s birth. He was adopted to replace one of the birth triplets that did not survive. The TV series tells their story through the lens of their birth, childhood, adolescence – with throwbacks and flashbacks to help explain how their experiences shaped their adults lives. In this sense, this preaching series explains how God has shaped us all for the vision, values, and direction of Christ Community. We all have varied experiences and yet God has masterfully weaved us together in a wonderful tapestry called Christ Community. This is us!

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