Inspired Women In Community

“We exist to help women become followers of Jesus who experience life-change, and make a difference.”

The word “inspired” is a Biblical one, meaning “God-breathed.” Every one of us is God-breathed…Every one of us is inspired. Inspired to Love. Inspired to Lead. Inspired to Follow. Inspired to Grow. Inspired to Worship. Inspired to… Living inspired means we are empowered by, moved by, and called by God to know Christ, and to live out God’s call on our lives.

But that’s not all. As our Lead Pastor, Dr. Terrence Autry, says: “At Christ Community, we do not do ‘solo Christianity.’” Rather, we are inspired to live, minister, and grow in community with one another. We are inspired to lean on one another. We are inspired to fulfill the “one another” verses given in the Bible: Pray for one another, encourage one another, build one another, comfort one another, bear with one another, love one another… We are inspired to help women become followers of Jesus who experience life-change and make a difference. Women at Christ Community, and women in the community at large.

As you review our web pages ahead, we invite you to see where you can be a part – whether through the Women’s Wednesday Morning Prayer Chain, L.I.F.T., Spiritual Friends, “Girl Talk” Bible Studies, Women of Wisdom, Women’s Health & Wellness, our Inspired Newsletter Team, Women’s Retreats, Leadership 2.0 Mentoring; our upcoming summer Cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel; or for some, our planned short-term mission trip to Ghana, West Africa in 2019.  Of course, if you join one or more of the other phenomenal ministries at Christ Community, we’re still here to support and pray for you!

Ladies, we look forward to doing life with you at Christ Community, and to grow together as followers of Jesus who experience life-change, and make a difference.  You’re in the right place.

Contact us at women@ccrichardson.org; 972.991.0200, or the contacts below.


Women’s Wednesday Morning Prayer Chain

Scripture:  1 Thessalonians 5:16 – 18 NIV

Who has time to pray?  You do!  Every Wednesday morning from 6:00 am to 6:20 am, 35 – 45 women dial into the Inspired Women in Community Prayer Line.  Join us!  You can expect to be welcomed, to hear a five-minute devotional from one sister on the Prayer Topic of the week, and then to join hearts as another sister prays for that Prayer Topic, as well as confidential prayer requests that we’ve received via e-mail or text.  The Lord meets us powerfully, and then we’re off by 6:20 am to move on to the rest of our day.

If you are interested in reading a five-minute devotional that you or someone else has authored, interested in leading in prayer on the prayer topic and other requests, or both, then please e-mail us at prayforme@ccrichardson.org. If you are interested in joining on the prayer line, then just dial in!  And of course, if you have prayer requests that you would like for us to pray about, please text or e-mail them.  We will not use your name, but we will pray!  Who has time to pray?  You do!

Conference Call Line: Dial: 641.715.3580 Access code: 187593#

Do you have a prayer request? Submit it via:
Text: Text “282012” and your prayer request to “22333”
Email: prayforme@ccrichardson.org


L.I.F.T. Ladies in Fellowship Together

Can Christian women hang out and have fun! Absolutely! Join the women of Christ Community at our next L.I.F.T. event!  L.I.F.T. is the acronym for “Ladies in Fellowship Together.”  Our L.I.F.T. team plans fun-filled, life-enriching events for the women and prospective members of Christ Community – allowing our women to relax and get to know one another outside of Sunday service, at different times throughout the year. Whether hanging out at Shenaniganz, seeing Hidden Figures together, or attending a home-grown, all-the-way-life Fashion Show, you’ll enjoy getting out with women from Christ Community.  Stay tuned for our next L.I.F.T. event – you’ll be so glad you did!

Ladies: If you are interested in using your “fun-fellowship” skills to help plan upcoming L.I.F.T. Events, please contact Hope Ford at hford@ccrichardson.org; or, call 972.991.0200.


Women of Wisdom

Women of Wisdom provides fellowship, sisterhood, and support for our women of Christ Community who are ages 55 years and better. “WOW” women serve as positive role models to younger women of the church and community, and a wonderful sisterhood for one another. Women of Wisdom meet bi-monthly on Saturdays, and enjoy Bible studies, devotionals, lunches, road trips, and service to the church throughout the year. Women of Wisdom are mature women leading the way. Most Women of Wisdom participate in other areas of the Women’s Ministry at Christ Community, but they also enjoy coming together at this wonderful season of their lives; to live and grow together in Christ.  If you are 55 years and older, and are interested in joining the next Women of Wisdom fellowship, please contact Pat Brown at pbrown@ccrichardson.org or Dorothy Williams at dwilliams@ccrichardson.org; or, call 972.991.0200.


Women’s Health & Wellness

Women’s Health & Wellness takes a proactive role in encouraging women at Christ Community and in our community to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally… Recognizing that this holistic approach is spiritual!  We’ve educated our women about healthy food and nutrition; detecting and preventing such common diseases as diabetes, heart ailments, breast cancer, and HIV/AIDS; promoted Christian Counseling and mental health; facilitated wellness clinics; and, participated with other church ministries in annual Domestic Violence Awareness, Prism Health North Texas (formerly AIDS Arms) LIfeWalk, and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk.  We want to be great stewards of the minds and bodies the Lord gave to us, and to encourage others around us to do the same!

If you have a passion for women’s health and would like to learn ways you can participate in the Women’s Health & Wellness Events, please contact Trudy Bullard at tbullard@ccrichardson.org; or, call 972.991.0200.


Inspired Newsletter

Do you love to write?  Are you a budding “roving reporter”?  Do you have a passion for news?  The Inspired Newsletter team might be the place for you!  Published by our team on a bi-monthly basis, our Inspired Newsletter keeps our women abreast of the current happenings for women at Christ Community, gives us insight about fellow sisters whom we may not know, and blesses us with devotional and articles to help us grow.

If you are interested in learning more about our Inspired Newsletter team, please write our Co-Editors, Cheryl Holiwell at choliwell@ccrichardson.org or Corley Watson at cwatson@ccrichardson.org, or call 972.991.0200.


Girl Talk Christian Education Gatherings

Real.  Relevant.  Relational.  “Girl Talk” is what we as women do every day of our lives… we talk with our girls about what’s going on with us, and about different topics of the day.  We do the same at our Girl Talk, over coffee, tea, juice, and snacks.  We’ll hear from one another, and we’ll hear from God’s perspective.  The “Girl Talk Café” opens periodically throughout the year at 10:00 am, on first Saturdays at Christ Community.  We’ve covered I Love Me Better Than That, Next Level Relationships, and The Leader in You, in past Girl Talks.  Stay tuned for future sessions.    One thing – we do need to warn you, however… If you believe certain conversations don’t belong in the Church, this might not be for you!  Real.  Relevant.  Relational.  Girl Talk.

As a note, it takes a team effort to deliver Girl Talk each month!  The Team includes those who purchase food and coffee for our Girl Talk Café, a set-up crew, a clean-up crew, and others.  If you’re interested in being part of this team when Girl Talk kicks off again in 2018, please contact Jada Jackson at jjackson@ccrichardson.org, or call 972.991.0200.


Retreat and Seminars

Want to get away?  Even Jesus and His disciples took time to get away.  We, as active women, follow Christ’s example when we periodically take time from the hustle and bustle of work, ministry, and daily routine; and, when we follow the example of His first disciples in sitting at His feet to learn.  In August 2016, 70 of our women joined together and set sail for four days to Cozumel, Mexico, and had a phenomenal time.  Then in April 2017, 100 women spent time in a three-day spiritual retreat under the theme, “Jesus Over My Life,” and were greatly blessed by God.  Now – the women of Christ Community will set sail on July 21, 2018, on a seven-day cruise for Montego Bay, Jamaica; Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands; and, Cozumel, Mexico.  Won’t you join us?

If you and a female roommate or roommates are interested in retreating with Christ Community’s women on the high seas in 2018, contact our Carnival Cruise representative, Lois Klein, as soon as possible at 888.969.4768, x-55248 or lklein@wth.com, for room availability and pricing.


Leadership 2.0

Leadership 2.0 Discipleship track includes Christian-based skills training for today’s female leader.  We kicked off in September 2017.  Check out our session topics below, and stay tuned for future gatherings.

2017 Leadership 2.0 Session Topics

“Whether in the Living Room, the Board Room, or the Classroom, women are called to lead… but are we fully prepared to do so?” Welcome to Leadership 2.0, where we will learn to release the leader in each of us!

Session 1: Leading from Within
Session 2: Career Intelligence
Session 3: Dialogue of a Wise Woman
Session 4: Finding Your Balance
Session 5: The Art of Negotiation
Session 6: Essence of a Wonder Woman

Women’s Short-Term Mission Trip

In 2019, a small team of women will be traveling to Ghana, West Africa, to conduct women’s ministry for – and with – the women of Nkwanta, and the surrounding villages.  It will not be for everyone, but if you believe you may be called to the mission field, are committed to training in cross-cultural ministry, are not afraid of hard work, and have a passion for going into “all the world” to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, then this may be for you. We will be selecting and training the short-term team in 2018.


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